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Dard Hunter Series

Dard Hunter Trees - 4x8

Little Journeys - 4x8

Bell Flower - 4x8

Checkerpot Rose - 4x8

Dard Hunter Poppy - 4x8

Framed 4x8 Dard Hunter Trio

Dard Hunter Rose - 4x4

Hunter Rose Framed Trio

Hunter Rose Framed Quad

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Frank Lloyd Wright Series

Martin House - 4x8

Chicago - 4x8

Skylight - 4x8

Frank Thomas House - 6x6

March Balloons - 8x8

May Basket - 8x8

Avery Coonley Rug - 4x8

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Florals, Birds & More

Japanese Lantern - 6x6

Calla Lily - 4x12

Raven - 6x8

4x8 Floral Trio

Koi Pond - 6x8

Lovebirds - 8x4

Dragon Fly - 4x4

6x6 Floral Trio

Iris - 4x8

Berry Tree - 6x6

Swallowtail - 8x4

Ladybell - 6x6

Coronet - 6x6

Loon - 8x4

Sunflower - 4x8

Turtle - 4x4

Feather - 4x8

Poppy - 6x6

Tulip - 6x6

Frog - 4x4

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Charley Harper Series

Upside Downside - 6x6

Cardinals Consorting 6x8

Autumn Edibles - 6x6

Bug That Bugs Nobody - 8x6

Under the Sweetgum - 8x6

Cool Cardinal - 4x8

Ladybug with Border - 4x4

Ladybug - 4x4

Ladybug Sampler - 4x8

Gregarious Grosbeaks - 4x4

Hare - 4x4

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Landscapes & Riverscapes

Montana de' Oro - 6x8

Redwood - 6x8

California Oak - 8x6

6x6 Triple Landscape

8x8 Triple Landscape

Riverscape - 4x12

Vertical Landscape - 4x12

Vertical Landscape - 4x8

Landscape - 8x8 with two 4x8

Marsh - 6x6

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Songbird Series

Songbirds - 8x8

Songbird Facing Left - 4x8

Songbird Facing Right - 4x8

Long Stem Flowers - 4x8

4x8 Songbirds & Long Stem Set

Songbirds 8x8 & Long Stem Set

Songbirds 8x8 & Checkerpot Rose Set

Songbirds Triple Set, Framed

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Inspired by the Work of...

Tropicana - 6x8

Hummingbird - 6x8

Magnolia- 6x6

Black-Eyed Susan- 8x4

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Storybook Series

Nutcracker - 4x8

Magic Ship - 6x6

Nutcracker - 4x12

Dardís Tree & Nutcracker 4x8 Trio

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