Tour Our Workshops

If you’re curious about how some of our products are made, or where the designs and inspirations come from, click on any of the links below to tour our workshops and find out more.

How do we make our frames?
Click to see the whole process, from sorting wood to the finished product, and learn about oak. 

What’s the history of the unique pottery designs?
Were these originally designed for the Roycrofters? Where have they been all these years? Where did we find the molds? 

Do we really make the paper for some of our prints?
YES! Visit the paper mill here and see paper being made on Dard Hunter’s original moulds. 

How do we do our hand printing?
We print on Dard Hunter’s original hand press. Visit the Mountain House Press and watch the process. 

Where did the jewelry designs come from?
Have you heard of the Dard Hunter School of Handicraft or “Some Things You Can Make?” Click to find out more. 

Tell me more about W. W. Denslow.
Denslow illustrated “The Wizard of Oz” books, but what did he have to do with Dard Hunter, The Roycrofters and the Seahorse design door knocker?