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Occasionally we have the opportunity to bring you very special, one-of-a-kind work of art such as these Original Oil paintings on canvas by our good friend, Jan Schmuckal of Chicago.

When describing her style, Jan states “The changing light of day and the moods it evokes are the foundation of all my oil paintings. My painting style is derived from the Tonalist Movement, which was started in the US and practiced by American artists while the Impressionists were painting in France, in the decades surrounding 1900. Many of my paintings are done Alla Prima, also known as direct painting, which means; A style of painting where, instead of building colors up with layers, the painting is done in one session on a toned canvas while the paint is still wet. From the Italian word which literally means at once. I feel that this style of painting helps my intention to be succinct within each painting. As a note of interest, no black is used in any of my paintings." 

We at Dard Hunter Studios feel that this collection captures the unique beauty that lives in every one of Jan's creations, and we are proud to offer her work here for your consideration. Each one is meticulously mounted in a custom quarter sawn White Oak gallery presentation frame.

*Always look for our Dard Hunter Studios Rose Logo branded into the wood on the back of the frame, as your assurance that this is the 100% genuine article*

Among The Lilies by Jan Schmuckal

Among The Lilies by Jan Schmuckal

New from Jan Schmuckal.
Price: $2,150.00 

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